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Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm offers the Taste of Summer Any Season through the flavorful berries grown at the foot of Morrill Mountain. Nanarella's Fruit Paté likes to celebrate the holidays and special events too.  We make Special Editions of Nanarella's Fruit Paté with quality fresh fruits and vegetables that we don't grow on our farm.  We choose local organic pumpkins for our Pumpkin-Cardamom Paté at Thanksgiving, and organic cranberries and oranges for our Cranberry-Orange Paté.  We celebrated Valentines Day with Strawberry-Basil Fruit Paté.  Special Editions give us a chance to invent.  We are trying to partner with Putney Mountain Winery to share their marvelous fruity wines.  Let us know if you have a special flavor in mind you wish we made.  If we can,

  • Pumpkin Pie-Cardamum - November
  • Cranberry-Orange - December
  • Strawberry-Basil - February
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