Nanarella's Fruit Paté

Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm


Welcome to Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm


Nanarella’s Fruit Pâte is produced in the style of traditional French pâte de fruit by Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm, LLC, of South Strafford, Vermont.  These chewy, melt in your mouth, one-inch squares are bursting with the flavor of blueberries, raspberries and red, black and white currants picked from our Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm.

We use only organic cane sugar, puree of naturally grown fruit, organic French pectin, dextrose, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. These high-quality ingredients are carefully combined in small batches to create a sweet treat that can be served with tea and biscuits… as an accompaniment to a dessert or cheese tray… or by itself, as a tasty, anytime reward.

The perfect solution to craving for sweetness and only 70 calories for two!

Proceeds from the sales Nanarella’s Fruit Pâte go to endow a scholarship in honor of Dana S. Clarke, jr.

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