About Us

Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm in South Strafford, Vermont grows the blueberries, currants, and raspberries used to make Nanarella’s Fruit Pâte.  These chewy, melt in your mouth, one-inch squares bring traditional French Pâte de fruit to Vermont. You can save the airfare and still savor the experience.

The farm was founded in 2006 on the base of Morrill Mountain's North slope to honor the memory of Nanarella’s son, Dana who loved berries. As a family, they spent many hours picking, eating and enjoying delicious time together.  Nanarella’s Fruit Pâte is Nanarella’s way to share the love experienced on those berry-good days.

fun at Morrill Mountain Farm

Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm is a Vermont USDA licensed food processor and a member of the Good Food Guild, comprised of food makers who believe in enhancing, rather than depleting the environment and in building healthier communities.

Our berry bushes love Morrill Mountain's warm sunny days, cool nights and clean water. On the Farm, we use only organic methods to grow quality fruit in a pristine Vermont environment. We hand pick the berries at their peak, combine them in small batches adding only natural ingredients to make the absolute purest, tastiest Fruit Paté on the planet. Bright with flavor, the sweet ambrosia treats can transport you to a warm, summer day. They are the perfect solution to a craving for sweetness. 

About Our Blueberries

We grow four varieties of blueberries on the foot of Vermont's Morrill Mountain.  Patriot and North Country are medium-large, sweet with a succulent blueberry taste. Low Bush is related to those sought after wild berries, and Little Giant is a hybrid that combines  the size and flavor of wild berries on a tall bush.

Dense clusters of Little Giant blueberries on the bush

Each variety has unique characteristics, all very flavorful. 

We combine them to blend blueberry flavors that give us the most succulent flavor in Nanarella's Fruit Paté.


About Our Currants

We grow three types of currants, black, red and white. Although they are all members of the Ribe family, their flavors are as distinctive as their colors.

Black currants have a unique aromatic, sweet and savory flavor. Nanarella's Black currant Fruit Paté compliments an aperitif, a cup of tea, a cheese tray, an almond cookie or an after dinner cognac. Yours to savor.


 Red currants are those little transparent gems that dazzle your eye. Nanarella's Red currant Fruit Paté  will satisfy your taste for a sweet, embellish your scone or add clear flavor to accompany any desert.  Indulge and Enjoy.


 White currants are the champagne of berries.  Nanarella's  white currant Fruit Paté is the epitome of luxury, subtlety and sparkle.  Some call it ambrosia!  We do.  Nanarella's White Currant Fruit Paté with a meringue, pure heaven after a big meal.

About Our Raspberries

red raspberries in basket

We grow two varieties of Raspberry. Boyne produces bright red, sweet and juicy raspberries, with a knock-your-socks off aromatic, bright, brash flavor.  

 picture of Royalty, purple raspberriesRoyalty raspberries are purple, gently perfumed with a light sweet flavor.  Nanarella's Raspberry Fruit Paté combines bright and brash with sweet perfume to create the most satisfying explosion of flavor in your mouth with a raspberry perfumed after taste.

** All profits go into a small Foundation to award grants that support curiosity and creative problem-solving in young people - Indulge and enjoy, knowing that your pleasure also extends a helping hand!