About Our Currants

We grow three types of currants, black, red and white. Although they are all members of the Ribe family, their flavors are as distinctive as their colors.

Black currants have a unique aromatic, sweet and savory flavor. Nanarella's Black currant Fruit Paté compliments an aperitif, a cup of tea, a cheese tray, an almond cookie or an after dinner cognac. Yours to savor.


Red currants are those little transparent gems that dazzle your eye. Nanarella's Red currant Fruit Paté  will satisfy your taste for a sweet, embellish your scone or add clear flavor to accompany any desert.  Indulge and Enjoy.


White currants are the champagne of berries.  Nanarella's  white currant Fruit Paté is the epitome of luxury, subtlety and sparkle.  Some call it ambrosia!  We do.  Nanarella's White Currant Fruit Paté with a meringue, pure heaven after a big meal.