Blackcurrant Vodka

Last year we started exploring how to make creme de cassis, the traditional French liqueur made from blackcurrants. We quickly discovered that the actual distillation process is not too complicated, but you need a license to produce and sell spirits yourself. Luckily, Vermont Spirits is nearby and Mimi, their master mixer, was interested in trying to produce a blackcurrant vodka using our fruit.

Last fall we met Mimi at their facility in Quechee to sample several test batches of her blackcurrant vodka. There were six variations with differing levels alcohol and sugar content. Here are some pictures from our visit.

It was important to sample all the test variations of Mimi’s blackcurrant vodka.

We learned a lot about how vodka and spirits are made at Vermont Spirits.

Some of Mimi’s test batches of blackcurrant vodka using our blackcurrants.

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