You're happy: We're happy!

Last Blog in July?  Describes the whirlwind of this year's berry season.  Abundant, we've been happily buried in berries and are just coming up for air.  The harvest is almost complete.  We received a wonderful letter that I happily share with thanks to the writer:

Dear Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm Employees,
I am sending you this quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying a gift basket of your products that we received.  My husband and I live in Florida, far away from my brother & his family who live in South Strafford.  He recently sent us a basket filled with your products!  What a delightful and special treat!
So far we have tried the preserves and coulis and fallen in love with them!  We can't  wait to try the Blueberry syrup! 
We've read all about your farm and appreciate your many contributions to making the world a healthier and more delicious place to live!  We think that it is important to let those, who create things that we value, know how much their work means to us.  Thank you!

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