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Winter Solstice

farm in snowThose snow mounds sticking up are four foot boulders that mark the farm entrance.  Earlier in the week we got a over a foot of snow and woke up to -18 Farhenheit.  It's fortunate that we got the snow first to insulate and protect the berry bushes from extreme cold as they stand sentinel to the shortest day and longest night of the year. 

Early May

Checking the bushes on May 1st to see how they came through the winter and that things were perking along with the season.  The late snow cover helped insulate the small branches from the warming sun and freezing nights of early Spring. Looking good!  The blueberry buds that set last Fall are starting to swell.  Currants and raspberries are leafing out

Early Spring on Morrill Mountain

It’s early April. Sugaring season is in high gear with overnight temperatures below freezing and daytime temps are in the mid 30′s. The snow is melting from the hillside while our berry bushes are getting ready for another season.